The Blue Whale can grow up to 90 kilograms per day in its first 200 days. The blue whale is the fastest-growing species on earth but also the largest species we know. Rapid growth and becoming the biggest in your sector; that is our trademark.

We believe that customers and innovation are the driving forces behind extreme growth. We believe that innovation is not about new technologies but about the speed with which you adapt to the market. It's all about creating new products and services at a rapid pace that customers are looking for.

In these modern times, customers have become much more critical. They are already looking for "the next big thing" on the market that everyone talks about. This challenges us to look for a new way of innovating. We combine innovation accounting, agile development, growth-hacking, and customer development.

Due to the speed with which customers and technology development, it is necessary – together with innovators and early adopters – to validate new business models before developing any product.

Our findings show that (corporate) startups can only identify relevant problems because they can experiment a lot and fast. These experiments serve to validate assumptions and thus arrive at a problem-solution, product-market, and product-channel fit.

In short, acceleration in the early phase leads to less risk and more relevant scale-ups.

Maarten van Kroonenburg


Han van Lambalgen

Head of Corporate Innovation

Wouter van den Dries

Operations Manager

Julian Vegt


Ivar Moberts