Without clear measurable goals and KPI’s there is no way of knowing whether to keep investing in an idea or startup. Our approach removes ambiguity by using a structured and disciplined approach to validate an idea and get to that exponential growth. We help you build successful commercial innovations by:

  • Validating the problem-solution fit
  • Setting-up a business case and working traction models where users keep coming back

How we validate & grow your idea into a thriving business?


The program uses a structured and disciplined approach to collect data about problems and solutions for specific customer groups. At the end of the program, the first customers are signed and it is clear if the idea can be commercially successful or not.


After validating if your idea can be commercially successful we start building the business. During the XLR we focus on three streams:

  • Building a version 1.0 MVP
  • Scale the traction model and make your product sticky
  • Build the business team, identity, and administration

Growth & Integrate

To get to that all-mighty hockey-curve we start scaling the efforts to lengthen the Customer Lifetime Value and decrease the Customer Acquisition Costs. Also, we start integrating the startup with the corporate or make sure they are able to professionalize on their own.


PreXLR program

The PreXLR is a 10-week program through which the commercial success of an idea is tested. During these 10 weeks, we focus on removing risks and uncertainties. By using only the best of different innovation models and methods we quickly understand the right customer problems and how to solve them quicker, better, cheaper, …


XLR program


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