"This is the best and fastest way for developing the right product, for the right users, and for the right market. I cannot stress enough how valuable the BW Venture contribution is in our program at TMC. It has been great learning for us technical people to put the user in the center of the equation. It's the fastest and most efficient way to ensure you're developing the right product to target the exact problem of specific users.”

Antonio García Rubio - Technical Engineer at TMC

"BW Ventures helped immensely in building a due-diligence machine for the Brightlands Smart Services Campus as they worked side by side with the program directors of the campus to create a system for judging those startups worth doubling down on, and which we should allow to either quit or become MKB's. While we were aware of similar methods of refining and curating deal-flow and portfolios, we never saw the process so clearly mapped out for our specific context - both with regards to the financial landscape of Western Europe and Limburg, as well as our positioning in the regional innovation space. It was extremely helpful to have what we knew to be global best practices molded to our specific needs and position."

Christoper Sparks - Head Entrepreneurial Development Brightlands Smart Services Centre

“In 3 months I managed to save my company. We had invested 3 tons and 3 years in an unsuccessful platform. The program from Maarten showed me why and what we had to do to make our business work. After 3 months of experimentation, 5% of the platform turned out to be very valuable. We have enlarged that part, the rest has been thrown away and from then we have been able to scale our business rapidly!”

Jel Bedeaux - Founder Plan Je Uitje

“When you think you know everything. Assuming that your idea is going to crush it and you think you don't need anyone, then you should especially use BW Ventures methodologies. Maarten gives you new insights, takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to a higher level, which substantially increases the chance of a successful introduction of your new service or product. People who are not flexible, do not want to be challenged or do not have balls, are better off never starting with BW Ventures.”

Gert-Jan Guldemond - Founder Mental Health Warriors



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