Innovating and investing without a clear vision, goals and KPI’s often won’t get you the results you are looking for. By creating a foundation for innovation, your decisions on where to invest, or what idea to pursue are based on a clear set of parameters. This way you control the way the company moves forward.

Set the stage for your steps towards innovation & growth:

  • Sprint towards an innovation strategy and a well-balanced innovation portfolio
  • Develop an actionable plan to innovate & grow
  • Using proven methods and tools from design sprints to traditional business strategy

What’s in our Innovation Strategy sessions?

Innovation Strategy foundations

Together we define your why, Innovation Thesis & Anti Thesis. Understand where to invest and what to skip.

Innovation Portfolio framework

We start by understanding how we can balance your innovation portfolio to minimize risks and maximize results.


Create a steering committee and define the metrics for your innovation success.


Innovation foundation

Stop investing time and money in ideas, projects, and startups that won’t add value to your business. Together we make sure all activities, programs, sprints in your innovation portfolio and funnel are getting the result you aim for. Over the course of 5 days, we set the stage for innovation & growth in a structured, intensive, and energetic pressure cooker.

Day 1: Set the stage. Look at the organization’s WHY, goals, core activities and current capabilities.

Day 2 & 3: Create an innovation radar to see in what arena the activities should take place and what is out-of-focus.

Day 4: Set the parameters to build an innovation portfolio and determine the aspects that influence different scenarios.

Day 5: We sketch scenarios to understand how to take the next steps to achieve your innovation goals.

Collaborating with the people who are key decision-makers, operational managers, and field-experts you define priorities, activities, goals at different levels.

Let’s build successful, structured, and measurable innovations together


Steer clear from your innovation challenges

Difficulty aligning your innovation strategy with your overall strategy?

Unable to measure the success of your innovation initiatives?

Trouble allocating resources to your innovation-activities?

Lacking transparency in your innovation initiatives?


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