Where & how to find the best innovation projects for your company?


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Innovating often sounds like a creative process that is generally imagined to be without obligation. Though regularly, time and funds are invested in ideas/innovations without a clear understanding of what the return on investment could be.

Innovation isn't at all the most straightforward process and is one of the hardest things to predict. So, how do you ensure that these ideas are crafted into commercially successful innovations?

Together, TMC and BW Ventures are hosting a string of webinars that address key topics regarding innovation and we’d like to invite you to join us in this series!

Where & how to find the best innovation projects for your company?

In this webinar, we will focus on the different sources of ideation. After you have seen this webinar, you will have a broader knowledge about:

  • What ideation is;
  • The differences between being inventive and innovative
  • How to structure your company never to miss an innovation opportunity;
  • How to source external ideas;
  • How to select the most promising ideas;
  • What to do after you have found and selected the good ideas.

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About Maarten:

Maartens journey as an entrepreneur started at the age of 19 in the music industry. Six years ago, he started BW Ventures and since then has helped over 100 startups in their quest to find a durable and scalable business model by helping with a structured, customer-centric process that helps them figure out why, how, and what they need to do.

About Lotte

Lotte responsible for The Entrepreneurial Lab of TMC. Within the Entrepreneurial Lab, she facilitates technology-based solutions that solve real problems and contribute to societal challenges. She believes that people make innovation possible and therefore builds ecosystems with stakeholders and work towards a better world of tomorrow.

About The Entrepreneurial Lab

As a space where experts can cooperate across the boundaries of their field and independent of day-to-day restrictions, The Entrepreneurial Lab is the superlative of Employeneurship. We want you to make your technical dreams come true. And most of the time, all you need is room to experiment.


Entrepreneurs fail, not because they don't know how to do Lean Startup, Design Thinking, build a fantastic team, create great products, or promote great marketing campaigns.

But they conduct these activities in the wrong order and lack a dedicated, and measurable sequence to build a commercially successful startup.

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